Monday, November 8, 2010

Giants: Phillips firing

I said last week that the Seattle game was not a trap game, because a trap game has three components: (1) a team on a winning streak (2) a weak opponent this week and (3) a strong opponent coming up that the team may look ahead to instead of concentrating on the current week's opponent. Actually, when you think about it, this week's game against the Cowboys theoretically qualifies as a trap game. Giants are on a 5 game winning streak and are very confident. This week's opponent, the Cowboys, stink and the Eagles are coming up next week. But the rivalry with the Cowboys is such and the importance of division games is such that the Giants would never take a Cowboys game lightly. This firing of Phillips also adds some cachet to the game and it's hard to imagine that the Giants will prepare poorly and play half-heartedly this Sunday. That doesn't guarantee a win of course - maybe the new DC puts in some zone defenses that the Giants offense hasn't seen yet. maybe the Cowboys put in some new blitz schemes and packages that Gilbride hasn't prepared for. A turnover, a ST play and a few lucky bounces early in the game and the Cowboys players could come out inspired and play hard.

As Is aid many times before, I think the Giants are far superior to the Cowboys personnel-wise and with Kitna as QB, they are less dynamic offensively. Giants should win. It's just that this coaching change adds a little uncertainly. I know Giants could beat them with Phillips as coach; this just adds a scintilla of doubt.

Maybe Jason Garret comes in and blames the whole mess on the previous offensive coordinator.

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