Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jerry Jones

Whenever I try to exercise my well founded, deeply rooted Judaeo-Christian ethic and work at trying to forgive those teams/people that I detest, and try to convince myself that I am really a good person, who is kind and compassionate, with forgiveness in his heart, the teams that I detest just go and do something, well.. detestable... and get me all riled up again. Jerry Jones played the part this time. Actually it's always someone on the Cowboys, because the top ten list of teams that I hate starts with the Cowboys, ends with the Cowboys and has the Cowboys filling the other eight slots on the list.  JJ, owner of the Cowboys and brilliant GM that he is, took the microphone at a Cowboys pep rally, (pep rallies... how lame)  invited everyone to come to Cowboys Stadium and promised that his 'Boys would kick the Giants asses. Giants have won the last 3 games, but they have all been fairly close games, with only the last game of the season decided by as many as 17 points. But come on Jerry, just shut up. At least it shows that he is obsessed with the Giants and it must have really just killed him when Eli beat them in the stadium opener, then again last year coming back from 12 points down in the 4th quarter after knocking them out of the playoffs back in 2007 when they were the #1 seed in the NFC. I don't know if Giants will beat them this year, but it sure would be nice to do so.

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