Friday, September 28, 2012

Injury concerns for the Eagles

Last week Prince A made it back into the lineup against the Panthers, played well and we could finally start looking forward to improved play from the DB-field because of full participation from Giants best back-4 players. Then Antrel Rolle decides to run into a camera on the sideline and is questionable for the game. Corey Webster decides to break his hand in the same game and while he is listed as probable, how good will his tackling be and how is he going to be able to hold on to one of the balls Vick will undoubtedly throw up for grabs at some point during the game. The worst news on the injury front is that Hosley, who has been playing very well, has been listed as OUT for the game. Compounding this loss is the fact that Coe, who is the Giants 4th CB and would be expected to step in for Hosely in the nickel package is listed as questionable with a bad hamstring. A team that is fairly deep like the Giants can handle a few injuries; for example Keith Rivers has missed a few games and is out again this week. He played great when he was in there, but a loss of one LB can be handled. However when the Giants are down 2  players in one unit (Hosley and possibly Rolle) and have 2 others that are limited (Coe and Webster), it can really test the roster.

I love Keith Rivers talent, but perhaps this is a hint as to why he never made it in Cincinnati - he was constantly hurt. I hope he makes it back and can play, because he was outstanding when he was in there. With Vick's speed and propensity to get out of the pocket, having fast LBs would be really useful.

In other injury news, Nicks is listed as doubtful. He did not practice today. This is looking ugly.

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