Thursday, July 18, 2013


ESPN is always making top 10 lists. Top 10 QBs, top 10 comebacks, top 10 playoff collapses, etc.  I saw a hilarious one the other day: top 10 QBs that emerged as stars after sitting on the bench behind another established starter for a long time. Man, they were really reaching for a show when they came up with that list. (Maybe that was NFL network instead of ESPN, I forget, they're both reaching for content all the time and come up with inane premises for a segment of a show). Anyway, if they ever have a top 10 list for: Former players who blew their chance at a post-retirement media career by ticking off his old teammates and then doing everything he can to kiss a$$ and get in his former team's good graces (wow... quite a category) then Tiki Barber occupies slots 1 through 10.

He famously fumbled his first opportunity by not being a good interviewer and further ticked everyone in NY off (NYC=media capital of the world, in case you're making a top 10 media cities in the world list) by dissing and dumping on his ex-QB. You know... the QB that was such a bad leader (in Tiki's opinion) that he led his team to SB wins on the strength of two incredible 4th quarter comebacks. In the 2008 Super Bowl, Eli threw for 2 TDs and 150 yards passing in the 4th qtr, something only Joe Montana has done, so I think Tiki kind of missed the mark on his whole "Eli is not a good leader" thing. Tiki also didn't get a lot of good press when he dumped his wife when she was 9 months pregnant with twins in favor of a young office intern at NBC (whom he met when he still had a job there). People don't judge morality, but that was low even by Spitzer / Weiner standards. 

Anyway - in a blatant, transparent attempt to resurrect his TV/radio career and curry favor in the eyes of the NY fan base, which he hopes will make him more attractive to a NY TV station looking to hire someone, he came out with the following statement. It requires no explanation: 

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