Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Redskins post mortem II

One last look at a few plays against the Redskins:

Toomer made a great move to get a release and beat the press coverage on his 40 yard TD pass. In fact, Toomer looked young and spry all day - running down the sideline on his TD; on another play catching the ball and holding onto on a 3rd down 15 yard in cut, getting smacked by the safety right after he caught the ball. Toomer looked very fast all day and the Giants will need that to replace some of Burress big plays down the stretch and in the playoffs.

Hixon and Eli seem to have developed very good communication and timing already. They practiced a lot together during training camp, and with Plaxico missing games and practice time this year because of suspension, injury, etc., I guess they have been getting a lot of reps in practice. I particularly liked the back shoulder throw Eli made to Hixon, a play that usually takes a while for a qb/wr combination to perfect. On Eli's INT, Hixon didn't get his head around quickly enough to pick up the ball on what was a well thrown ball, so I guess they still need to do some work in practice.

Eli's passing was outstanding on Sunday. The TD pass to Toomer was a thing of beauty. Perfect depth, perfect location, perfect arc on the ball. Toomer said after the game; it was such a perfect throw, I couldn't help do anything BUT catch it. Eli threw one ball that was almost intercepted, but dropped when two Redskins db's collided with each other. He overthrew Hixon once in the 4th qtr, but the rest of the time he was very accurate.

Alford had a good game in the middle replacing Robbins at DT. Tuck had a monster game at DE/DT. Kiwanuka was not real visible. He's holding his own against the run, but he's been a little quiet in the pass rush. Tollefson has been a real find. He was solid on Sunday, and he is a real ood role player.

Ward made a few beautiful runs, especially off of some short passes and screens. Gilbride called a very good game, calling for screens at perfect time, catching the Redskins in their blitz, leading to some very good gains.

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