Thursday, September 3, 2009

Giants: My view of the 2009 roster

Here's my take on the Giants final roster

Position: QB (2)
Manning, Carr
Comments: Most teams carry 3 qbs, but neither Woodson nor Bomar, the other qbs have shown enough in preseason to make it likely that they will be grabbed up by other teams. This makes it almost certain that at least one will be able to be resigned and added to the practice squad.

Position: RB/FB (5)
Jacobs, Bradshaw, Ware, Patrick, Hedgecock
Comments: It's a risk to carry only 3 tailbacks, so Patrick makes the team. Hedgecock is the only FB, but Matthews and even Beckum can be backups at that position. Last year Giants carried 6 at this position, so they save a roster spot with only 5.

Position: TE (3)
Boss, Matthews, Beckum
Comments: Darcy Johnson is tough luck cut from last year's roster.

Position: OL (9)
Diehl, Seubert, O'Hara, Snee, McKenzie, Beatty, Koets, Whimper, Reyes
Comments: Nine is one more player than Giants carried on last year's roster. Reyes looks good. Although Whimper has not progressed as much as the Giants would have liked, I think he has shown enough to make the team. Giants may still project him to be a starting OT in this league and if they do, he will stick. He is still on the bubble, though. Boothe gets cut from last year's roster.

Position: WR (7)
Smith, Hixon, Manningham, Moss, Nicks, Barden, Hagan
Comments: Notable cut is David Tyree. Last year the Giants carried 6 WRs. If they decide that 7 is too many and they really like Hagan's potential and ST ability, Moss may go. If so, he will get snapped up by some other team and make Giants look stupid.

Position: DE (4)
Umenyiora, Tuck, Kiwanuka, Tollefson

Position: DT (4)
Robbins, Cofield, Canty, Bernard
Comments: I'm assuming Alford goes to IR. If he makes the roster, there could be some extra shuffling at other positions. I am very high on Alford and am sorry to see him hurt.

Position: LB (8)
Pierce, Clark, Blackburn, Kehl, Goff, Wilkinson, DeOssie, Sintim
Comments: Last year the Giants carried 7 at this position. Wilkinson is at risk if the Giants need to squeeze someone on the roster at another position. Boley to be added after game 1.

Position: CB (5)
Webster, Ross, Dockery, Thomas, Johnson
Comments: Last year the Giants carried 6 CBs, though Madison was hurt much of the time and didn't dress often. Johnson has shown speed, but is a project.

Position: S (4)
Phillips, Johnson, Brown, Rashad
Comments: I love the Giants starters at S, I think Phillips is going to be a big time player. But honestly - I really don't like the depth at all. Brown looked slow to me and Rashad has not shown much. Pray the starters stay healthy. I would give one of the CBs some reps at S. It's possible that the Giants may pick up a S from some other team's roster cuts.

Position: Kickers (2)
Feagles, Tynes
Comments: I don't love Tynes. Feagles is old, but still has game.

Sad to see Tyree go. I'm really bummed out about Alford's injury. He was a star in waiting. Giants may keep Alford on the roster for a week or two, because they may not have to add Boley right away, if he is supended. That will give them another week to make a decision or see if some injury pops up.

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