Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Giants: Well dressed Amani Toomer ...

.... was cut by the Chiefs after they had signed him to a 1 year contract only a few weeks ago. I am now more ticked off than ever that genius Giants OC Kevin Killdrive didn't get these young WR's on the field last year. Toomer was not picked up by any team. His career is probably over unless some team gets a ton of injuries at the WR position and needs an emergency fill-in during the season. Alternatively perhaps some team is looking for a slow WR who drops a lot of catchable passes. Are you telling me that Toomer lost all his ability after the final playoff game last year? The entire NFL saw that he was not a capable WR anymore, but Giants kept sending him out there every game, every down and could not get Manningham or Moss on the field to give them some game experience and try them out. Ridiculous.

I thought David Carr looked very good throwing the ball against the Jets Saturday night. apparently he was in the doghouse and even got called out by the QB coach Chris Palmer, but I think he redeemed himself.

TE Darcy Johnson has always been high on the Giants list of potential future contributors. They even redid his contract to make it more cap friendly late last year. I think he has regressed. I remember him as being light, quick and a good pass catching player. He looks like he bulked up and got slower to me. I think he will not make the team this year.

I am still wavering about what will happen in the OL. I thought Tutan Reyes was a lock to make the team, because they just signed the veteran OL-man this past off season as a FA. But if the Chiefs cut Toomer after signing him a few weeks ago, maybe the Giants can cut Reyes even though they signed him only this year. Of course, Toomer stinks and Reyes seems to be playing very well.

Alford's injury opens the door for someone on the DL to make the team. I wonder who will walk through that door. Alford was also the snapper for FG's and DeOssie who in the LS for punts is trying to fill that position so the Giants don't have to sign a LS specialist and waste a roster spot. Of course, if they sign a LS for FGs, they may use him on punts also and cut DeOssie. That would be a shame, since DeOssie is the answer to one of my favorite trivia questions: Name a family that the father and son both won Super Bowl championships for the same franchise.

Other fun family trivia question: in the 2006 season, the Giants had 4 players on their roster than had brothers that were active on other NFL rosters. Furthermore, the Giants played all 4 teams in that 2006 season, meaning that there were 4 sibling rivalry games. Name the 4 brother pairs. (You can give your answers as comments to this post.)


Ira said...

Tim/Matt Hasslebeck
Santana/Sinourice Moss
Tikki/Ronde Barber
Eli/Peyton Manning


wolfman said...

Hasselbeck was the hard one. But you lose points for spelling mistakes. (Sinorice, Tiki)