Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Giants: Midweek musing

Just some random thoughts about some of the players on the Giants.

Aaron Rouse was a life saver. To be sure, he is not a great player, but he has been solid in the passing game and above average in the running game. His reputation has been as an in-the-box safety, very good in run support and weak in pass defense. His run support has been very good; he moves forward quickly and is a good tackler. But his pass defense has been decent also. He has not been getting beat deep and he seems to be around the ball on long throws. Of course his most important benefit is that he has allowed the Giants to send C.C. Brown to the bench. Dave Merrit and Peter Giunta are excellent DB coaches and I am hoping they can make him a decent player.

The other change at S was moving Aaron Ross from CB and he has done very well. You can tell he is a little inexperienced on what path he needs to take to intersect the ball and the potential receiver. On the long sideline pass that Romo completed to Whitten, when Whitten just jumped over diminutive CB Bruce Johnson to take the ball away, Ross could have made a play on the ball. Ross was right there - his speed is good enough to go from the middle of the field to the sideline. But he actually mistimed making a play on the ball and ran right past Whitten and out of bounds. With a little more experience he makes that play and maybe even gets an INT. On the assumption that the Kenny Phillips injury might be more than one year, the experience that Ross is getting at S can only help. Ross made a great tackle on Barber that stopped the Cowboys on 4th down.

I like the fact that Giants have two S named Aaron Rouse and Aaron Ross. I also like the fact that they have a WR named Ramses, which was the name of the Pharoah of Egypt enslaving the Jewish people. Get it??? Aaron was Moses brother who beseeched Ramses to let the Hebrews go and Giants have Ramses going up against Aaron in practice.

I want to see more of Sintim in the games, but realistically, he may not get as much playing time this Sunday night. Iggles likes to throw a lot to their TEs and RBs and the LBs have be able to play pass coverage. Sintim is not quite there yet. He would generally play more in running downs, or be a designated pass rusher in passing downs. I would love to see him on the field blitzing a bit. He si fast enough to track down McNabb.

Danny Ware is cleared to practice this week, which is good. Maybe Giants use Ware in the passing game a little bit.

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