Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Giants: Playoffs in rear view mirror

Not that it makes a difference any more, but I am really ticked that the Giants did not beat the Panthers. The Bears beat the Vikings in the last MNF game of the year, which means that all the matchups this weekend between potential playoff teams are meaningful. Eagles-Cowboys and Packers-Cardinals all have serious seeding implications. Cardinals and Eagles are potentially playing for a first round bye and in the case of the Eagles, are at the very least playing for home field advantage in the first round and will therefore likely play hard. This would mean that neither the Packers nor the Cowboys have a layup in week 17, so the door would have been open for the Giants to sneak into the playoffs.

Furthermore, the teams at the top of the conference, Vikings and Saints are starting to show their feet of clay (that's an Ozymandias reference) and are not the superior, dominant teams that they appeared to be through the first 12 or 13 weeks of the season. Vikings lost to a really weak Bears team and the Saints lost to a Buccaneers team that had only 2 wins on the season coming into the game. If the Giants had any kind of defense and showed even a little heart, they could not only have made the playoffs, but might have actually won a game or two.

Of course this is all water under the bridge. The defense stinks.

I can still rant a little.

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