Thursday, August 26, 2010

Giants: Injuries

What is going on with the Giants injuries? Presumably these injury things are random in occurrence and go in waves, but if so - it would be nice if this wave would stop already.  Giants were lucky in 2007 and had very few serious injuries that cost key players major time out of the lineup. It's not to say that they had none, but they didn't have high volume of injuries that affected the team. Giants were a little lucky in that regard, but since then it seems like it has been getting worse and worse. The 2008 season started with Osi going down for the year in a preseason game. Then they were relatively healthy until the Plaxico thing torpedoed their season. But last year was a mess and this year so far, things have not been good. Not many players have been injured to the point where they are missing significant parts (or all) of the season, but there have been so many 1-2-3 week injuries in training camp, that the team can not develop practice habits and continuity. Now we hear about the Ross injury being worse than we originally thought and this is a significant one, IMO. At first, Ross was reported to have plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation in the plantar fascia, the fleshy tissue that is on the bottom of the feet and the arch, connecting the heel to the toe. It often comes from a bone spur or inflammation of the achilles tendon right in the area of the heel. However, the Ross injury involves a partial tear of this tissue and could plague him for the rest of the season, if not the rest of his career. There's not really an opportunity for surgery to be done and fix this unless the whole thing tears completely. Ross will be in a boot for about 10-14 days, will definitely miss the last two preseason games and could miss some time in the regular season. Worst case is that he is limited in his speed and pushing off capability and his effectiveness is diminished. A CB, of course, backpedals in coverage and relies on his feet, his heels and his toes to cut, to pivot and to change direction in coverage. The Giants defense is predicated on a good DL and a good DB-field, with Ross a significant contributor and one of their top 3 talented, young CBs, the others being Corey Webster and Terrel Thomas. They do have some decent players behind Ross, but this is a real loss.

There are lots of other minor injuries floating around too - Canty and JPP have groin injuries and I am hoping the Canty one doesn't linger, because he is an important player in the DL rotation. Of course the OL had been dinged up all preseason, with Snee having a bad knee, O'Hara's ankle swelling up every day (or so it seems) and Seubert out or limited by his broken hand. Boss finally came back to practice but Beckum and some others are still out.

Not a good start - we'll see.

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