Thursday, August 26, 2010

Giants: more injuries

Usually I won't do two posts in one day, but I was inspired --- or nervous --- today. Apparently Shaun O'Hara's ankle is not getting better, it was diagnosed as tendinitis. The Giants have put it in a boot for now and are keeping him completely isolated in the hopes that it will heal by the regular season. This is not good. It is a chronic condition and the Giants have to get younger in the OL to avoid all these injuries. It will be interesting to see what the Giants do in these last two preseason games to backfill for O'Hara. They have already announced that Seubert will move into start at C and take most of the snaps with the first team there. The question is - who moves in at Seubert's G spot. They could slide Shaun Andrew in and test him out there. or they could move Beatty in at LT and slide Diehl in at G, or even move Andrews out to LT with Diehl moving inside. The smart thing would be to try a number of these combinations through the evening and see what works. O'Hara will not play in the 4th preseason game against the Patriots either, so there is time for more experimenting. Of course that last game is completely devoid of any real competition between frist team players, so there is not much to be learned from it. These will be interesting moves.

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