Friday, December 30, 2011

Giants: cowboys game preview III

Just made my last arrangements for the bitching tailgate party for the last regular season game of the season. In case you haven't been to one, there tends to be a little bit of red meat served. An orgy for a carnivore, one might say. Let's put it this way - at tail gate parties, barbecued wings are like vegetables.We always have a good one for the last game of the year and when it is a crucial game like this one, we really go all out.

This will be a crazy game - weather is supposed to be good, which will make it more likely that the passing game will not be hampered for either team and, judging from each team's performance - great passing game, no defense - the air should be filled with footballs and it could be a high scoring game.

Nicks bad hammy is very worrisome for the Giants. Even though Cruz is having a big season, Nicks makes the passing game go.

Romo's bad hand could of course be a factor for the game. If he is inaccurate with some throws because of inability to grip the ball, it will be a big edge for the Giants. If both offenses move up and down the field easily, a play here or there by the defense which stops one drive or gives an extra possession for their offense could determine the game.

Everyone is saying the determining factor will be which QB plays better. I don't see it that way; both QBs will probably play well. I think whichever defense comes up with a  play here or there will determine the winner.

Tuck apparently recently finding his mojo again could give the Giants an edge. Dez Bryant making a play of special teams could also be a big edge.

More last second thoughts on Saturday night. Stay tuned.

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