Thursday, December 1, 2011

Giants: Packers will be easy

We were worried about the performance of the Giants LBs and their ability to deal with Packers TE Jermichael Finley and other receivers roaming the middle of the field. Not to worry. Help is on the way: Giants signed Chase Blackburn to give some help at the position. Apparently, there was a furious bidding war for Blackburn's services between the Giants and Pottstown Firebirds, the semipro team of the Atlantic Cost Football League. Giants won out because they actually agreed to pay a salary. Blackburn played for the Giants for 5 or 6 years, starting a few times when there were injuries at LB. He also played pretty well on ST, in fact he was ST captain, but otherwise had a rather undistinguished career. I seem to remember him starting a game for Pierce late in his rookie season, intercepting a pass and running it in for a TD. Later in the same game, he injured his neck and was out for the last few games of the season.
Will Beatty is done for the season, placed on IR today, which is what made room for the Blackburn signing. This means Diehl will have the LT job for the rest of the season, unless someone else on the OL gets hurt and more shuffling is required.

Herzlich has an injured ankle and is in a boot. Osi is out for at leas a few weeks. Bradshaw is talking about coming back, but the running game was not exactly tearing it up when he was in there.

Fewell played 3 man fronts occasionally against the Saints and I think this was a poor strategy. Playing an extra DB in coverage is saying that they're afraid they'll get beat and they need to put extra guys back there. Instead, playing a 4 man front and blitzing occasionally is saying that you want to be aggressive and try to win the game. A change every so often is fine, but Giants are not fooling anybody with their defense.

Coughlin said that because the pass rush was not so good from the front 4, Giants would have to bring pressure and blitz more often. That's a great idea....not deciding to blitz more, but announcing it in the press. Why don't we mail the game plan over to the Packers and let them know what the short yardage package will be. I think I can find McCarthy's email address for coach Coughlin to make thinsg as efficient for him as possible.

Everybody is piling on - Harry Carson said he was saddened by the Giants defense. At least Michael Strahan went out to Giants camp and tried to pep them up. But Tiki Barber, who has a job as a blog writer (kind of like me, but I'm not getting paid for it) for some on-line Roto football league, very predictably hammered Coughlin. He just can't wait to kick some dirt in his face when he's down. Where was he after the 2007 season? It took him about 5 minutes after he left to take out Eli, calling him a joke as a leader. He was a really good football player, but he's such a jerk. If you're ever at Giants Stadium, er, excuse me... Met Life Stadium, make sure to boo every time his name is mentioned.

Bloggers addendum about Tiki: Here's the real reason Tiki's an egotistical, self-centered jerk. He's married for 11 years with two kids and his wife is expecting twins. He has an affair with a hot office intern (she apparently posed for Maxim magazine) and decides to dump his wife when she's nearly full term in her pregnancy. He gets engaged to his home-wrecking, 20-something intern before his divorce is final. Real class and character. Since he's a wash out in broadcasting, maybe he'll turn to politics. Here's the ticket: he can be John Edwards or maybe Herman Cain's running mate. They seem to have a lot in common.

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