Friday, November 30, 2012

NFL Standings

Often at this time of year, the division races are still close and  a winner is uncertain. This year, while the divisional races may still not be completely decided, there is some distance between the division leaders and the second place teams in most of the divisions. In the NFC, the only race that is a 1 game lead is the North where Bears lead Packers by 1 game. In the NFC East, the Giants have a 2 game lead over the Redskins and Cowboys, but that lead could get cut in half after this weekend. Redskins play the Giants and if they win, they are in a real good position to make some noise in the divisional race, because their schedule is much easier coming down the stretch than either the Giants or the Cowboys. On the other hand, if the Giants win, they really should win the division. They will then have a 3 game lead and the tiebreaker over the Redskins and a 2 game lead over the Cowboys (assuming Cowboys beat the pitiful Eagles this week.)

In the other divisions in the NFC, Falcons and 49ers really have it sewed up and also have a lock on the 1-2 seeds in the playoffs which comes with that first round bye.

RG III is really impressive and when the Redskins get a chance in the next few years to add some players around him and restock the team, they will be even more dangerous. Redskins gave away so many draft picks to get RG III that I thought it would take them years to be even an average team. But he is such a dynamic player and has such a unique blend of skills, that he makes average players around him look much better. He is going to be tough to handle in next several years.

Giants have a huge challenge this week in Washington. In the first game, although the Giants won, they were outplayed. The Redskins outgained the Giants by about 200 yards. Giants won on the strength of 4 turnovers and the magical 77 yard pass to Cruz for the winning TD with about 1 minute left in the game. You can't count on the Redskins turning the ball over so often - turnovers are not really repeatable - and the Giants have to come up with an answer to stop RGIII. Actually, the 3-S look might be useful, because it keeps more speed on the field, but I am not sure Kenny Phillips will be healthy. Giants will need a big game from their DL, like they got Sunday night against the Packers in order to somewhat contain Griffin.

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