Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Packers Game Review II

The first post on the Packers game looked mostly at the defense. I'll take a little look at the offense now.

It is an enormous difference to the offense and to Eli to have the OL play well and have the WRs actually get open. Nicks is definitely getting back in shape, but don't think he is all the way back - he still does not have that explosion, that burst the makes him real dangerous. We can hope he will continue to improve and get stronger and will be fully healthy by the end of the year. Nicks is interesting - if you put a stopwatch on him and measure his 40 time, you might be unimpressed, but he has great game speed. He just gets open and because he has such great hands, does not have to slow down, come under control or gather himself to catch the ball.

Eli was better, but still made some sloppy throws. He can play better and be a little sharper. Interesting that Chris Plamer, the OC with the Titans and the QB coach that really turned Eli's mechanics around got fired by HC Munchak. I wonder if he would be interested in a second tour of duty with NYG to help Eli and the offense a little bit. He wouldn't have to be QB coach, he could passing offense coordinator.

Cruz had another terrible drop in this game (as did Bradshaw). Is it becoming clear that, as good as Cruz is, it is Nicks that makes the passing offense go and Cruz plays off Nicks, taking advantage of the soft spots in the middle of the field that are opened up when the defense crowds Nicks. It is for this reason that Randle's apparent development is really important to the success of the team. You need 3 threats at WR and Giants have not been consistent with that this year with all the nagging injuries  at WR. Randle made a veteran play on his first TD, slowing down just a hair after he got open to make sure he would keep his feet in bounds and not go out of the end zone when the ball arrived. His second catch, which set up one of the Giants scores was a great physical, athletic play, breaking tackles and bouncing off guys to make some yards.

It was very positive that the Giants scored TD instead of FGs (unless you have Tynes on your fantasy team.) Bennett had some catches, but they are not using him often enough as a deep threat on seam routes as they did earlier in the season.

The OL was very good, even when Diehl was in there. Locklear did well also when Diehl went out with a stinger. Baas is playing better and Boothe is also very solid.

It was a real blow to lose Andre Brown at RB to that broken fibula. I think he was playing better than Bradshaw and provides the bulk, the push and the body type that Bradshaw and Wilson just don't have. Wilson will get more work, but Giants just can't go through the rest of the season with only two RBs. Da'Rel Scott is already on IR, so Giants will have to find someone else. They put Brown on the new "recallable" IR list, which means he can come back for the playoffs if he recovers, but that does not address the immediate need. A few weeks ago, Giants worked out some RBs, Joseph Addai was one of them and they also worked out a RB who had been with the Redskins last year, by the name of Torain. As far as I know, Ryan Grant, who used to be with the Giants and had some success with the Packers the last few years is also available. He was a FA and was holding out for a big contract this off season which he did not get. So he turned down all the offers he felt were insulting to him and did not get a job at all. (Don't use his agent!) He has some talent and would be a good fit for the Giants, assuming he is still in shape.

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