Friday, September 13, 2013

Look ahead to the Broncos

Coming off a 7 TD, 472 yard performance, it's going to be tough for Giants to stop Peyton. They need a big pass rush and strong work from their DB-field. (I heard Herm Edwards say that on radio analyzing the game. In fact Herm Edwards says that on radio about every game. Some other of Herm's standard incisive, insightful analytic comments that he applies to EVERY game that he assesses: You have to win the turnover battle. You have to get the running game going because then the play action passing game is effective. He's so deep.)

Terrell Thomas did a good job tackling and covering the slot receiver against Dallas. Do you think he has what it takes to cover Welker? That might be the Giants best chance. I always thought Hosley would develop into a real good slot CB, but he is not developing as quickly as I had guessed / hoped. It's a dangerous combination when Welker can get open virtually on every play for short and intermediate passes, but if you press up to stop him, they have the outside speed to beat the defense deep. On the outside, it will be Ross, Webster and Prince. Giants will / should use a lot of 3 and even 4 CBs on the field, depending what the offense shows. The last Manning Bowl, Giants defended the pass only - and had 2 LBs in their base defense, played a soft box dropping the S back in to coverage. Peyton saw this and kept calling running plays which trashed the Giants defense. Broncos are not those Colts, but they have a good OL and are balanced on offense, so the Giants can't sell out too much to stop one thing; they have to be prepared to handle whatever Peyton and friends cook up. I can't emphasize this enough - J Williams has to play a lot this Sunday. Peyton will throw to the TE and to the backs coming out of the backfield to test the Giants LBs. Giants have to be ready.

On offense, the Giants have a real good passing attack. They put up 450 yards last week (granted that the last 80 or so were in garbage time at the end of the game, but they still have a great passing attack). And that was with the OL playing very inconsistently, giving up 3 sacks and a bunch of knockdowns of Eli. To be honest, it also came against a really poor Dallas DB-field, but I am not sure how good the Broncos are back there either. Their best pass rusher is out and their best CB Champ Bailey is out. They did fairly well against the Ravens last week, but I think the Giants will get their chance to move the ball this week, especially if the OL improves a bit. Baas might be back and that gets Boothe back to his more comfortable LG position. He had a decidedly mediocre game at C last week, but it's more than that. Boothe works well at LG with Beatty. Snee works well with C Baas. Having them both out disrupted the chemistry more than we realize. Even though Baas is not a great player, his presence should help. I would like to see a better running game; Giants ran for only 50 yards last week. Oh, one more thing that would help - David Wilson should not fumble and the Giants should not turn the ball over 6 times. I know this because I was listening to Herm on the radio.

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