Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Look ahead

After writing my last post about the overreaction that exists among fans to a week one loss for their team and the tenfold multiplied emotional response to a second loss in week two, I implied that everyone around the Giants has to calm down a bit. It may be time to be somewhat concerned, but it is not yet time to panic. However if the Giants should lose to the Panthers this week and go 0-3 to start the season, the Tom Coughlin tenure will be moved from sure lock to return if he wants in 2014, to a warming up of the hot seat he may be on. I must admit that I myself will go from worry to almost panic mostly because I had such high hopes for this team.

Giants played the Panthers last year without their main WR weapons - I can't remember who else was out, but Nicks was gone and Ramses Barden had his first start and a big game. That Panthers team is not much improved from last year. Steve Smith, though still dangerous, is a year older and the Giants DB-field is much improved, so Giants should have a good chance. But until they actually win that first game of the season and start playing well, you can't be sure what the season holds.

I am always talking about how predictable the Giants defense is. Too much zone, no trickery, no creative blitzing and complete transparency in what they are going to do. Tony Romo said as much in his post game interview after week 1.  He said Giants were playing back, in their zone, keeping everything on front of them... then he started to say like they always do, we knew what t expect , but he quickly bit his lip and swallowed his words not wanting to let the Giants get wind of the fact that they had unlocked the keys to their simplistic schemes. he was explaining why they threw a lot of underneath short throws and didn't challenge the Giants deep very often. He was just taking what the offense was giving. I don't mind the strategy of taking away the long ball, combined with sure tackling if you can throw in a pass rush, but the pass rush has not been consistently there. Fewell just does not optimize what the Giants should get out of the the talent on this defense.

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