Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gameday.... time for "If"

There's no denying that the Giants are in trouble. Having said that, my opinion remains that there are still some good players and even some great players on this team. They are being done in by the units that are weak and the serious flaws that exist elsewhere on the roster. Giants used to be driven by their OL and DL and now those units are weak. But..... If the Giants OL plays a little better (I would be trying Brewer at LG and maybe move Boothe to C); If Brandon Jacobs meets up with Ponce de Leon and finds the fountain of youth; If Da'Rel Scott makes a few plays with his speed; If Eli has just a few more seconds to scan the field in the pocket; If JPP and Kiwi wake up from their season long slumber; If Beason gets over his injuries and regains his speed; then I still think there are enough skill position players on the Giants to field a representative team.

OK, I get that those are a lot of if's. Most of them individually are unlikely to happen (especially that fountain of youth thing)  and certainly ALL of them happening together is a near impossibility, but hey this is Game Day. Time for dreaming. A few years ago I was at Monday (maybe Sunday?) night game between Bears and Giants and the pass rush really got after Cutler. Giants sacked him 5 or 6 times in the first half, knocked him out of the game with a concussion by half time and generally made the Bears OL look stupid. Apparently Bears have improved their OL and they have a new coach that has injected some life into the team, particularly the offense. (There's an idea for Giants management - a new coaching philosophy with some life.)  But the Bears are not a great team and even though they are favored by 8 1/2 this is not an unwinnable game for the Giants. Bears defense is not bad and they do have the formidable freak-athlete Julius Peppers at DE. But he has only 1 sack this year and the Bears defense is not overwhelming. Maybe Giants get going tonight.

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