Thursday, October 3, 2013

Injuries and a look forward

Giants have played poorly this year, no doubt about that. But they also have been very unlucky, getting almost no breaks on fumbles, weird interceptions, some bad refs calls and now the injuries are piling up at particular areas of weakness on the team. The OL has been brutal this year, creating no holes for the running game and leaving Eli in a vulnerable position, getting sacked more than anyone in the league and getting smacked around and hit when he is not getting sacked. To make matters worse, Snee has a damaged hip and will probably be out for the year and Baas, who never lived up to his $5M per year FA contract is also hurt and not making much progress. Diehl is coming back this week and will start at RG in place of Jim Brewer, who was starting in place of Snee. Diehl is not a great G but at least he knows the assignments and the hope is that he will improve the OL play a bit. Eagles have a really poor defense, but they do blitz a lot, so it will be interesting to see how the Giants offense does this weekend. Gilbride has said he does not want to chuck the entire offense and retool everything in consideration of the poor OL play and offensive production. I can accept that; you can't totally change the offense in the middle of the season. But you can put in some plays that benefits the current players and optimizes their talents. Particularly, Da'Rel Scott has been cut which means that Jacobs may get a bit more playing time; but Wilson should get many more touches. Wilson has been a little shaky picking up the blitzers on 3rd down. But if Gilbride swings him out in the flat on passing downs as a safety valve and lets Eli check down to him occasionally, he could catch the Eagles in some blitzes and make some big plays. Don't use Wilson like he's Brandon Jacobs.

I would like to see Adrien Robinson come back soon from his foot injury and see if he is a player. Pascoe is just not athletic enough and Myers is a big disappointment. Larry Donnell should play: he is more athletic and bigger than both Pascoe and Myers.

All of a sudden there are some injuries piling up in the DB-field. Hosley, Ross and Webster are all knicked up. Let's see if someone can run with DeSean Jackson this week. Giants need a bog game from Prince A to handle the deep balls. It will be interesting to see Chip Kelly's offense - looks like he copied Mike D'Antoni's plan for basketball by running a play every 15 seconds or so.

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