Friday, March 11, 2016

Keenan Robinson

There is an upside to Keenan Robinson - he is really fast and a good cover LB. The bad side is his injury history, which is not good. If the Giants were trying to steer away from players with an injury history and keep guys on the field, it's not clear how K Robinson fits that profile. Giants have left the middle of their defense wide open against the pass for several years now. TEs and RBs have had free reign in those middle of the field zones. Some of the blame is on the pass rush, because even a good cover LB can not cover a TE for 5 seconds. But Giants don't have good LBs, so it's on them as well.

I think K Robinson signing is one of the typical Reese bargain hunting buys. Redskins didn't want him because of the injuries and because his performance dropped off towards the end of the year. Reese wanted him because (1) every team needs a MLB and we don't have one on the roster right now and (2) when NYG played Redskins in 2014, Robinson had a big game, making 14 tackles and getting an INT. I have been disappointed with the pro scouting since Gettleman, who was head of pro personnel scouting for us, left to become GM of Carolina. He nailed Reese in the Beason trade, and we took Beason because his stat sheet said that he had made a lot of tackles earlier in his career. Apparently, that's how we do scouting.... either we look at the statistics sheet or we look at the games the player played against us. Like I said, I am hoping Robinson plays well, and he does have good speed, but I don't think he should make flight reservations for the pro bowl in Hawaii quite yet. And NYG needs some insurance at the position in case he turns out to be a bust.

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