Friday, March 11, 2016

Second Day of FA

S is key position. I think it is specifically important to get a S with a  proven track record in FA rather than try someone out in the draft. Bad safety play can wreck a defense. I know what you're thinking - in 1986 Giants won a Super Bowl with Herb Welch at S, but it was a different game then. Landon Collins could be really good, I really like him, but there were times where he really struggled last year. With the investment we have made at CB, and in the DL, I don't want to waste it with questionable S play. The biggest risk signing was the CB Jenkins. He's very talented, but a gambler. Having a S on top that can cover for him occasionally is doubly important. I would not mind Walter Thurmond at S.

Giants signed the MLB from Redskins Keenan Robinson. Don't know if he's good, but you do need someone in the middle of that defense. Last time we signed a MLB away from Redskins it was Antonio Pierce and he worked out pretty well.  

As far as TE - I don't think Reese is going there. I think they will try to get a good #2WR and with Cruz and Beckham, he will go with the TEs currently on the roster. 

As far as the MLB - I am reminded of an old Casey Stengel story. He was the first manager of the Mets and his first pick in the expansion draft was Hobie Landrith, a catcher. When Casey was asked why he took Landrith, he said: because if you don't have a catcher, you get a lot of passed balls. I kind of feel the same way about this MLB. If you don't have one, you get a lot of guys running up the middle against your defense, but I am not sure how good this guy is.

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