Friday, July 29, 2011

Coughlin extension

Thoughts on Coughlin extension

Giants have a policy that they don't like to leave coaches as lame ducks.... fir them that means coaching a team in the last year of his contract. The coach always uses as a prod / warning to the players that if they don't perform, they won't come back to the team next year. That threat (incentive?) to the players is out the window if the coach himself is not under contract for next year and can't follow through on it. Under that (somewhat dated) logic, the Giants gave Coughlin an extension. But the extension was only for 1 year which sends a big message to TC. If they had given a multi year extension, it would have emphasized their commitment to him long term as coach and their confidence in him that he can deliver another contending team. A one year contract sends a different message - win this year. make the playoffs and show us that you can bring this team back into contention. If not, I think this may be Tom's last contract. He has a lot of energy and does not seem burned out. But he is 65 years old and even if the Giants find someone to make another catch with his helmet, it could be near retirement for the coach.

Steve Smith, Kevin Boss and Ahmad Bradshaw

It has been very quiet on the negotiation with these three players, both from the Giants side as well as from other teams reaching out to the Giants FAs. Apparently there was mutual interest between Bradshaw and the 'Fins which disappeared when Miami traded for Reggie Bush. That would seem to give the Giants some leverage, because they are only negotiating against themselves. You still want to keep the player happy, but at what bite out of the salary cap?

Steve Smith
I think Steve Smith is in the same situation that Kiwanuka was in - very productive player, coming off a serious injury that has other teams worried. A player that caught 100+ passes two years ago that has not received a nibble from other teams, means that other teams are worried about the knee injury and he will probably come back to the Giants for a short contract with incentives, similar to Kiwanuka, so the deal is cap friendly. It also means that the Giants should ABSOLUTELY not pursue Plaxico.

Kevin Boss is a good player, but the Giants should be able to retain him for reasonable salary.

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