Sunday, July 31, 2011

Asomugha, Plax etc.

Asomugha going to the Eagles really strengthens their defense. Knowing that they are a blitz-at-all-costs defense, having three strong CBs in Samuel, Rodgers-Cromartie (acquired in the Kevin Kolb trade) and now FA Asomugha gives them the ability to gamble and not be badly exposed if the blitz doesn't get home. Eagles defense looks strong especially with the addition of some DL strength, DT Jenkins being the latest. On paper, they look loaded. Giants have to bring in their TE Boss and RB Bradshaw and get to work.

Plaxico Burress going to the Jets instead of the Giants was not a disaster, imo. Giants have a lot of talent at WR and Burress may not have played much. It took Michael Vick an entire year to get into football shape and, while Vick is a running QB, it is not a position that requires running. At WR, that's all you do - if it takes Burress a while to get into football shape, he won't be that productive. He was not a pure speed WR the first time around, and at 34, out of football for two years, it's hard to imagine him being as effective as he was in 2008.

I am not a Jets-hater, but I am annoyed that they got the FA signings backwards - they were supposed to sign Asomugha so he wouldn't go to Philly and let Plax go so he could sign with 49ers, Steelers or some other team that wouldn't hurt the Giants.

I can't figure out what's going on with Bradshaw and the other Giants FAs. What is taking so long? They have no other suitors, apparently, why not close a deal with Boss, Smith and Bradshaw?

Word is that Beatty is going into camp as the starting LT. His performance is a big key to the Giants success. If you protect the QB's blind side, you have a good QB and give him some weapons on offense, you should be able to score some points.


Ira said...

I know our search for a LB hasn't ended but with the news of Lofa Tatupu being cut by Seattle I feel like this is our best shot since Pierce to get a stud in the middle LB position.

wolfman said...

I don't love Tatupu. I know he has a cool name, but I think he's overrated, he's aging and he's had some knee injuries slowing him down last year or so.