Friday, July 29, 2011

Preseason developments

Now I understand why the Giants signed a FB as a rookie undrafted FA (thought I read that they signed two, but only one appears on their web site). In addition to the release of Seubert, O'Hara and Andrews, the Giants also released FB Madison Hedgecock.

Giants are looking at bringing in an experienced punter because of the rocky ride with Matt Dodge last year. He only cost the Giants a trip to the playoffs with that punt in the Eagles game that he failed to get out of bounds.

Looks like Osi will be adding some drama to the camp this year. Osi is a very effective player and had a great year in 2010, getting 11.5 sacks, and forcing a fumble on nearly every one of those sacks (10). He even played reasonably well against the run, something that has not really been his strong suit in the past. Of course I'd like to see them bring him in, but there is a bit of a dilemma. Renegotiating in the middle of a contract because of a hold out gives every other player on the team license to do the same thing. On the other hand, Osi is a valuable player.

In my last post, I said that the OL reshuffling would be interesting -  would they start Petrus (or find another LG) or would they slide Diehl inside and look for Will Beatty to step up and take the LT position? Giants are planning for the latter - finally turning the starting position over to Beatty and sliding Diehl in at LG. Diehl is still a valuable asset because he will have played all 4 position on the OL. If Beatty stumbles or gets hurt, the Giants have a decent backup ready to go. Giants value OL-men that can play several positions on the line; it is a smart approach and it has served them well over the last few years. Kevin Boothe was signed as a backup and he can play G or T also. When MacKenzie's contract expires at the end of 2011, Giants could slide Diehl out to RT and slide Petrus in at LG.

I don't know how accurate these numbers are, but if you poke around the web and the blogosphere, it looks like the Eagles are waaaaaay under the salary cap. One number I saw had them at about $35M under the cap. How does that happen? I guess they have a relatively inexpensive alternative at QB in Vick, and that position often chews up a lot of cap space. Eagles are also quick to pull the trigger on getting rid of veterans whose contract expires instead of giving them big renewals. You have to be very good at selecting and evaluating talent to keep refreshing the departing players with skilled replacements and Andy Reid seems to be really good at it.

I love Plaxico, there's a lot of nostalgia there, but Giants have needs at other positions (LB for one). There is a lot talent at WR on the team and Burress would probably not start, so i don't get why the Giants want to bring him in. Would the Giants be better throwing this money at Plaxico or trading Osi, free up a little more cap space and making a run at Asomugha? I am not starting a rumor here or implying that the Giants CBs are weak, but my point is you should spend valuable cap space on your needs. I consider Plaxico a luxury.

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