Thursday, October 18, 2012

Injuries, roster, etc.

Canty was taken off PUP and has been practicing. No word on whether he will play this week, but if he is activated someone will have to be cut. Best guess is Ojomo, since he is on the DL and has not been active for any game this year. Giants have a deep roster at DE after the 3 man starting rotation, with Kiwanuka and Tracy nominally LBs but natural DEs. Jacquian Williams injured his knee, but Rivers and Boley are back, so there should be enough reinforcements at LB even if Kiwanuka moves to DL.

Bradshaw has a foot injury and is not practicing today. Maybe Giants should have played Wilson some more in last two games instead of letting a guy who has a history of foot problems carry the ball like 100 times in the last two weeks, especially in garbage time at the end of the game. Andre Brown is cleared from his concussion and practiced fully, so Giants should be OK at RB even if Bradshaw is a scratch.

It will be curious to see what roster move the Giants make when Will Hill comes back from his suspension in a few weeks. He has looked very impressive in the DB-field spending time as nickel CB and a little at S. He is also an excellent ST player; he caused the fumble on the kick return against the Browns that turned that game around. He is very athletic and talented - was not drafted because of serious off-field issues in college. But if he has matured (big if, of course, but money is a great motivator) the Giants may want to keep him for the long haul. So if Hill comes back, who goes? The candidates who would be considered from the DB-field are probably: Stevie Brown, Michael Coe, Justin Tryon or Tyler Sash. Putting on our coach's hat, Brown has played well as S in place of Phillips; Sash is well thought of, though I don't think he's really athletic or fast enough to play S. So it comes down to a choice between Coe and Tryon. Coe has played a little better, so it may be Tryon that goes. The argument for cutting Sash, however, is that Hill is a natural S and it's harder to find a CB than a S. Kenny Phillips is coming back soon, so that also argues for letting Sash go instead of a CB, but Sash was drafted, Tryon was not and Giants always seem to give preference to a Reese draft choice. We'll see.

Looking at NFC East rivals, it sure looks like the coaching ride has been a bit bumpy in Dallas and Philly this year. Reid is a good coach, but I am not sure the players are listening to his voice anymore. He is known as a strict disciplinarian yet the Eagles have been getting tons of penalties and making lots of turnovers. In Dallas, the Cowboys outplayed and outgained the Ravens last week badly. They had 165 more yards from scrimmage, had 40 minutes time of possession, had 30 first downs to the Ravens 19 and generally dominated the game. They had 227 yards rushing and you don't dominate that way just with deception - you have to have the talent to produce those numbers. They did have one INT, but they also recovered an on-side kick which gives them an extra possession and is the same as a turnover. But they lost the game in part by giving up a kick return for a TD, which admittedly skews the time of possession and yardage statistics, since there are 100 hidden yards. Also in part, they lost the game by terrible clock management especially at the end of the game. I have said it before - ST play is 90% coaching. Every team has a sufficient number of athletes to play good ST coverage. There might be an exceptional return man or cover guy on one team or another, but absent that, they should all be about the same, and it is all about coaching. ST may be 90% coaching, but clock management is 100% coaching, so bad marks for Jason Garrett in Big D. I think he is a creative offensive coordinator, but that does not make him a great HC. We'll see how he does - if Cowboys fail to make the playoffs, Jones patience may run out.

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