Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday night before Redskins game I

Canty was activated and is ready for the game. As I guessed on Friday - Da'Rel Scott was put on IR to make room for Canty on the 53 man roster. It makes sense because he had knee surgery this week and would probably miss around 4 weeks anyway, which means the earliest he could return would be week 11 or 12, not giving him much time to help the team this year.

It could be a high scoring game tomorrow, with both teams having very productive scoring offenses.

Giants have to be disciplined in their pass rush and keep RG III in the pocket, making him a conventional QB. They will probably play more zone than usual, because in man-to-man schemes, the DBs turn their back on the QB and don't see when he breaks out of the pocket to run. They also need to keep their fastest players on the field, so Osi may get more snaps than usual instead of Tuck. Kiwanuka may get some snaps at DT, because he is faster that typical DTs. Rivers may get more snaps than he has lately, partly because he finally appears to be recovered from his hamstring injury and partly because he is the fastest LB on the team.

Redskins have a poor pass defense, so Eli should come out throwing. I know the Giants always like to have balance and not completely abandon the running game. But this might be a week to get ahead early with the passing game and use the running game to close it out. When you look at last week's game against the 49ers, that's essentially what the Giants did. They did try to establish the run in the first half, but ran ineffectively. They grabbed control of the game when Eli started throwing the ball in the 2nd quarter and they scored 10 quick points. They scored a TD on their first possession of second half going up 2 TDs and then ran the ball to control the game. My mantra: throw early, run late. Use the passing game to get ahead and if you establish a good lead, use the running game to close them out. This might be the recipe for Redskins tomorrow.

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