Sunday, December 19, 2010

Giants: Eagles 12:40AM Sunday morning, final thoughts

Last regular season home game of the year. Can't wait.

A few last minute notes:

There's more than one way to put pressure on a weak MLB than to just run right at him. That still requires getting past the Eagles DTs, Patterson and Dixon who are solid, though not spectacular players. Getting the RBs and the TEs involved in the passing game in the middle of the field, especially out of a two TE personnel grouping also tests the MLB in coverage. I look for the Giants to run behind the right side of the OL and test the new LDE of the Eagles, but the impressive thing about the Giants running game last week was that they ran everywhere - right, left and middle. A varied running game, with some deception, i.e. some traps, some designed cutback runs, or false steps in the backfield, where RB takes a step in one direction and then goes the other way with some influence blocking by the OL and TE could be really effective.

In the passing game, a double move and deep balls to the TE off of play action fakes should be in the game plan.

On defense, the game plan last time was really good, forcing Vick to his right by blitzing Rolle often from the right side of the defense. When that happens, the DE on the other side can rush straight up field expecting Vick to roll out to that side and go to where he anticipates Vick will end up, not where he is in the center of the field when he takes the snap. In addition, look for a big game from JPP coming from the opposite side, which is Vick's blind side, since he is a lefty. Eagles starting RT, Justice might be out, so Giants need to take advantage of him or his replacement in the pass rush.

Keys for the Giants are: don't turn the ball over; run the ball effectively; keep Vick more or less contained; keep the WRs in front of you. Simple game plan, but I think it works.

Nobody asked me but: the Eagles were all over the papers saying how they're going to stop the run, force the Giants to pass and (chuckle, chuckle) pick Eli off (smirk, smirk) all game long (snort, laugh, spit-eating-grin). No team would say this about any other team, player or QB in the league and I hope Eli absolutely sticks it to them tomorrow. I hate teams with no class.

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