Sunday, December 12, 2010

Giants: Vikings game delayed

Because of severe storm in the mid-west, the Giants - Vikings game was delayed and rescheduled to Monday night. However, I just heard a report on the news that said that because of the snow on the roof of the Metro Dome, Mall of America Dome, Hubert Humphrey Dome or whatever the heck they call the stadium nowadays, apparently, the bubble deflated and the stadium will not be playable even Monday night.

It seems to me that it is the responsibility of the home team to provide a playable stadium and if they cannot, they forfeit the right to have the game played in their city. To reschedule the game to Tuesday night on the hope that the stadium will be playable by then creates an enormous disadvantage for the Giants for the following week's game. It seems to me there are a few alternatives:

1. Vikings forfeit the game - obviously no one is going to want to do that
2. Move the game to NJ or a neutral field and play it Monday night
3. If the Vikings can guarantee that the stadium will be ready the following day, play the game Tuesday night and move the Giants-Eagles game next week to Monday night, so the Giants will have the extra day to prepare for that game.

There is precedent for option 2; it is what the league did when Katrina hit and the New Orleans Super Dome was unplayable. The Giants and Saints played in Giants Stadium. Of course it gives the Giants a bit of an advantage with what is in effect an extra home game, but if the Vikings can not provide a playable field, that's their loss. Theoretically, the game could be played on a neutral field somewhere as an alternative.

Two neutral sites that are relatively nearby and are apparently being considered are Ford Field in Detroit and Lucas Field in Indianapolis. It would be pretty cool to have the game played in Lucas Field because the Colts fans would obviously welcome Eli, their quarterback-in-law and root for the Giants. Playing at Ford Field in Detroit would also be special, but only for me on a personal level. You see, my son is an undergraduate at University of Michigan and misses a lot of the Giants home games. This would give him an opportunity to go see the Giants and root for them. (I hope he took his Eli Manning jersey with him to college!)

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