Friday, December 3, 2010

Giants: Injured players starting to practice

Last year the Giants were hammered by injuries on the defense and never were able to recover. They disintegrated as the year went along and as the remaining players, who had the heavier load thrust upon them because of the injuries, weakened and caved by the end of the year. Lack of confidence in the DC didn't help either. This year, the story appears to be much more promising with the injuries this year concentrating on the offense, mostly at OL and WR. The good news is that the substitutes have played fairly well and even the schedule cooperated with a few softer games when the injuries were at their peak. The really good news, however, is that it appears that the injured players may be coming back soon and the Giants may be fairly healthy in the next few weeks to support the stretch run.

Nicks was supposed to be out 3 weeks, which puts him back in the lineup for the home Eagles game. He has spoken optimistically about returning a week earlier, perhaps against the Vikings. That bodes well for his return soon, if not early at least for his scheduled return in the Eagles game. Smith is most likely out this week but is targeting a return against the Vikings next week. Diehl is getting close to coming back and may be ready as soon as this week against the Redskins. With the competent play of Beatty last week, the injury that affects the OL play the most is O'Hara and he too is getting ready to come back in a week or two. O'Hara is one of the best C's in the NFL and his return to health would allow the Giants to slide Seubert back to LG where he has played very well this season. This would send Boothe to the bench, even though he played fairly well against the Jaguars after a rough start against the Eagles the week before. I would not push Diehl to come back this week against the Redskins. I would rather have him sit another week and see Beatty develop more as the presumed LT of the future. Giants really will have some options and tough decisions whenever Diehl does come back, especially if Beatty plays another solid game this week. A hamstring injury is serious and whenever Diehl does come back, he may be "good enough" to play but surely will not be in peak physical form for another month or two. Would you rather play a young, healthy, more mobile but inexperienced Beatty or an experienced veteran who is not in perfect physical shape?

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