Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Giants: Eagles and Cowboys were killers

The Cowboys beating the Giants at the new stadium was a killer for the Giants season, but the Eagles really killed the Giants this year. Not only did they sweep the Giants, the second one in the Giants building in one of the most devastating losses in NFL history. But - they lost in their own building to the 2 TD underdog Vikings Tuesday night. Consequently, the slim chance that the Giants had to make the playoffs evaporated. When the Saints won last night against the Falcons, the Giants lost one slim chance to make the playoffs. Their second opportunity was the Bears beating the Packers next weekend and the Giants beating the Redskins. However, with the Eagles losing, the Bears are now locked in to the number 2 seed and have absolutely nothing to play for next week when they play the Packers. Had the Eagles beaten the Vikings, then the Bears would have had to win to lock up the number 2 seed and stay ahead of the Eagles. Now, that is not required by the Bears. The only motivation for the Bears might come if the Falcons lose, because then a Bears win would give them the number 1 seed. However the Falcons are playing the Panthers and it is unlikely they will lose, so the Bears have nothing to play for.

Giants didn't deserve it. They needed to win one of the two games against the Eagles and Packers and failed.

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