Monday, August 1, 2011

More drama on Osi

ESPN and other media outlets are reporting that Osi has been granted permission to seek a trade. The Giants are looking for a first round draft choice and some players in return. Kevin Kolb fetched a 2nd round draft choice and a starting CB in a trade, so a first rounder + players for Osi might be reasonable. While you pay for the position and QB is considered more important than DE, Osi is a 7 year veteran with 60 career sacks, two trips to the pro bowl, one ring and is generally regarded as one of the top pass rushers in the league. Kevin Kolb on the other hand, has never played a full season, has a losing record as a starting QB and only 4 career wins. He has ability, potential and a lot of upside, but has to be considered unproven. If he can get a 2 and a player, Osi should be able to demand a 1.

Somehow I am not upset about this. On the one hand, although Osi is a talented pass rusher, he is not as good an all around DE as, for example, Strahan was. Furthremore, look how the Eagles profit when they get rid of veteran players, draft well and replace them with younger talented players. They stay young, fast and fresh, while keeping the salary cap low so they have maximum flexibility to move on a big FA if needed. With the rookie wage scale in place, a first round draft choice is worth more than it was in the past, so this is not a terrible move, if they get their asking price.

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