Friday, August 12, 2011

Big things to watch for in preseason....

** Want to see Will Beatty progressing at LT. If he slides in and becomes a formidable LT, the Giants will be set with a strong, young OL for several years. MacKenzie may have to be replaced after this year, but Diehl may be able to slide over to RT and a replacement at LG is even easier to find. Beatty growing to be a solid LT could make or break the Giants season.

** Let's see what Jerningan has at WR. He could be a dynamic weapon on offense to replace Smith and Boss.

** Want to see if Hynoski looks good at FB which will free Pascoe to be a full time TE.

** Want to see Hixon, if he has lost any quickness or if he can be a contributor at WR.

** Would love to see Barden get on the field and show something, but that's for later in preseason, obviously, as he still on PUP list.

** Andre Brown and DJ Ware will probably fight it out for a roster spot.

** I am dying to see the two young DTs, Austin and Jospeh, this year and last year's 2nd round draft choices respectively.

** I also heard that the LBs are doing well, Jones and Sintim. I would love one of them to come up and steal the starting job, so Kiwanuka can play his natural position at DE.

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CarolinaDon said...

As the (unofficial) Giants southern scout I'll be at the game tonight - so you know they'll be some cheering going on for our Giants. Actually, they'll be quite a few Giants fans there.
I'm worried this could be a tough year but I can't wait for it to begin - GO GIANTS!