Monday, August 15, 2011

Osi reporting to practice

What a shocker! JPP looks dominant at DE, gets two sacks in one qtr of play, looks ready to lay claim to the starting job and magically, Osi decides that he will start practicing Monday. I guess he decided that his knee was feeling better and that, hey after all, he is under contract, so he may as well report to work. Looks like fifteen minutes of play in the first preseason game cost Osi a few million bucks.

What happens if JPP outplays Osi in the preseason (as I am confident he will) and absolutely requires that he be the starter for the season? Does it make any sense at all to keep Osi on the team? That is a rhetorical question - I hope nobody answered the question silently by nodding their heads in concurrence or shaking violently in disagreement. My point is the same as I made in the last post. We may be looking at the start of the career of the next great pass rushing DE in football. I know the philosophy - you can never have enough great pass rushers and it is certainly an embarrassment of riches for the Giants to have 3 stud pass rushers (4 if you count Kiwanuka). But that mantra may only be true if you have everything else you need on the team. Giants don't. I would sacrifice this pass rusher for one more weapon on offense and/or a reasonable return in the draft.

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