Monday, August 1, 2011

Bradshaw agrees to contract

It seemed inevitable when all the potential buyers of Ahmad Bradshaw's services dropped away, who brought in other RBs to satisfy their needs, that Bradshaw would accept the offer from the Giants and return. That seems to be what happened and it probably means that the Giants got Bradshaw in at a reasonable, cap-friendly price. Terms of the deal were not yet announced. The same will probably be true for Boss in short order as TE spots are also not open for Boss to look at.... in other words, it seems to be a buyer's market.

The big question mark is Steve Smith - not because many teams are pursuing him, but because his physical health is up in the air. My guess is all these situations will be resolved by the end of this week, perhaps by Wednesday, when the FAs are legally allowed to start practicing.

What happens if Osi's agent can't find a team to give up what the Giants are looking for in a trade and/or a team that will renegotiate his contract and give him what he wants financially? Does he come back into camp like a good soldier and bleed Giants blue suffering on his ~$4M salary? Or does he cut off his nose to spite his face, refuse to play for the paltry sum that the Giants are paying him and sit on the sidelines for 2011. I understand that Osi is a very proud man. Pride goeth before the fall.

Truthfully, there may not be many teams that will be willing to give up a 1st round draft choice (and potentially another starter) and pay Osi a cap-threatening sum. Once the agent got involved with making a deal, instead of the Giants just trading Osi themselves, the contract renegotiation became a requirement of the deal. It will also cut down the buyers. Would the Giants trade Osi inside the division, say to Dallas or Philadelphia? What are the parameters of the authority that the Giants gave to Osi and agent. I still say that there is at least a chance that Osi will not be traded and will end up playing for the Giants. If the Giants don't rip up his contract but give him an ego-soothing two year extension with some guaranteed money thrown in, he comes back in happy.


Yankel the Nachash said...


Glad you're back in business.

A few points:

1. I fell in love with Bradshaw during the Super Bowl run and I've been a fan of his since then; until last year's fumble-fest. I can't recall the specifics, but there were more than a few moments last year where I concluded that as good as he is, he's not worth it bc of the fumbles. I hope Dr. Coughlin can cure him (I refuse to believe that Coughlin 'cured' Tiki).
2. I don't understand why they don't design more screen plays for Jacobs, unless he flat out can't catch. Jacobs is all about momentum-when he can get a few steps north-south--he's a beast. We all pull our hair out when they run him to the outside, but I assume they need to occasionally do that to prevent the defense from stacking the box when he's in. How about play action to Jacobs, then hit him in stride on a screen? By the time he catches the ball, he would have momentum, and I pity the safety who tries to tackle him. I think that would be an effective alternative way to use him and would prevent defense from stacking the box.
3. Jacobs needs a hole to be effective. And a big hole, at that. Bradshaw could shake and move. Ward created his own holes, mousing his way through the tiniest cracks (man, was he good that year). This is why on third/fourth and short and goal line situations, Jacobs is the wrong guy for the job. He's literally too big for these situations--he gets stuck behind his blockers. Killdrive needs to finally recognize this.
4. The Osi situation is tough. His agent did a hell of a job with the statement he released yesterday-it made him appear reasonable and the Giants like a-holes. I have no idea what's right. One thing I do know is if the Giants were tired of his crap, they should have moved him earlier, when they had more leverage. Did anyone think he would miraculously shut up and be content? I thought he was gone when they signed Kiwi. In any event, I think he's very talented, but definitely benefited from Tuck's presence. Giants are stacked at D-Line, they'll survive losing him.
5. Off topic, but perhaps you can chime in. The NY Mets have an excellent young first baseman, Rabbi Isaac Davis, Shlita. The NY Mets have an excellent young hitter, who has no position on the field, Daniel Murphy. They NY Mets as an organization are making decisions for the future, not 2011. If they have any intention on keeping Daniel Murphy after this season, why the hell is he playing first base, which he clearly will not be playing next year? Why isn't he gaining experience at another position, say, second base, where he might actually be a starter next year? They say that no amount of practice can equate to the real game. Let him play 50+ games at second base! I don't get it.


Yankel the Nachash said...

I'm aware that Ward isn't on the team! I just used him for the contrast.