Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another view of the Eagles

I dissed the Eagles as a false dream team in my post after the Giants Eagles team. Looks like the NY Times agrees with me. Take a look at the article from their NFL blog called Fifth Down, where writer Mike Tanier completely takes the Eagles apart. In fact, he is much harder on them than I was in my analysis and he is quite sarcastic and funny in some of his lines. Check out his take on the yards-per-carry that Eagles allow in their running game:

The Eagles have allowed 18 runs of 10 or more yards and give up 5.6 yards per carry, a number kept artificially low by the fact that running backs stop upon reaching the end zone.

And check out this description of ex-Giants Steve Smith's contribution to his new team:

Receiver Steve Smith’s lone contribution so far has been a tipped pass that resulted in an interception, a play he perfected as a member of the Giants last season.
It's definitely worth a read, check it out.


fs2117 said...


If the Eagles don't make the post-season this year... do you think it costs Andy Reid his job?

wolfman said...

No. Owner is too cheap to pay out his contract and hire another coach