Thursday, October 27, 2011

Expectations of the Miami game

I realize that we barely discussed the Dolphins game. I can't say I know their team intimately, though I did scout them a bit when they played the Jets a few weeks ago. In that game the Dolphins showed absolutely no pass rush against what was (at the time, at least) a questionable Jets OL. Dolphins have a few decent players in their DB-field, including former Giants player Will Allen, and their LBs seemed quick. But if the Giants OL can provide protection against a suspect DL, Giants should be able to move the ball with their passing game. Dolphins will roll their coverage towards Nicks and pay attention to Manningham, as they seem to play a lot of cover-2. If so, I look for Cruz and Ballard to make some plays. Maybe Barden gets activated and gets in on the action also. We would also like to see some progress in the Giants running game. 

On offense, the Dolphins have two dangerous skill position players in Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush. QB Matt Moore toasted the Giants while with the Panthers in the final game of the 2009 season that closed out the old Giants Stadium, but it was probably the only good game he has played in the pros as QB. Giants need to show something on defense Sunday also.

It's funny how one win against a good team, the Bills one week before the bye, changes the feelings and the evaluation of the team. It was a solid team win and the overall feeling is that the Giants crossed the threshold from being just a motley, uncoordinated collection of players into being a real team that week. We'll see if that was just an illusion or if there is some substance to this team. Giants need to win and look good doing it Sunday to continue building their confidence as a team. This game, against a team they should beat, is one they just can't let get away, like they did the Seattle game.

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