Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Giants injuries

Tuck is still nursing his neck burner and David Baas missed the entire second half with a neck burner also. It sounds like Baas will not play, or the Giants are at least preparing for that possibility, because they signed C Jim Cordle from their practice squad. Boothe will start at C, but they need someone to snap the ball in case Boothe gets hurt or needs a break during the game. Boothe got toasted on his first play on Sunday leading to the sack/fumble of Eli, but he played reasonably well after that.

Giants cut Stokley because they needed the roster spot and he was injured. I think Stokley could have helped at this position of need during the course of the season, but with the emergence of Cruz as a WR these last two weeks, it makes sense to cut him. Furthermore, Barden is apparently recovering and running freely in practice, so Giants may feel that there is more help on the way at WR.

I would let Tuck and Baas recover from these injuries, and let them rest through the bye week, perhaps even one week after that. Giants next four weeks are: Seahawks, Bills then the Dolphins after a by week. Of those teams, it would appear that the Bills are the only tough one and it would be worthwhile to sacrifice one game for these key players long term health. Coaches don't think this way of course, and if a player is healthy, they will dress.

Boley and Jacobs have knee swelling, but significantly, Nicks is not on the injury report this week. Boley and Jacobs injuries not expected to be severe. Amukamara wil be out another few weeks.

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