Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cowboys-Eagles game

Whom do Giants fans root for in the Cowboys - Eagles game this Sunday? Eagles were the preseason favorites to win the division in a cake walk. Cowboys were supposed to be exposed as a team with a weak OL, a terrible secondary and wallow near the bottom of the division. Now, the roles seem to be reversed. Eagles are the team that have been exposed with some serious structural flaws: weak LBs, weak play at the S position, poor OL play and some very questionable coaching decisions and strategies, especially on the defensive side of the ball. By contrast, the Cowboys young OL seems to be gelling and their defense seems to be more formidable than anticipated in large measure, no doubt, because of the Ryan family coaching touch.

If the Eagles lose, they fall to 2-5 and are probably done. But the Cowboys would rise to 4-3, only one game behind the Giants, and possessing the more complete team, would be a real threat to take the division. On the other hand, if the Eagles win, the Eagles and Cowboys would both be 3-4, two games behind the Giants, and with the Giants already holding a road win against them, would not be as much of a threat in the division.

Even though it is tempting to root for the Cowboys and completely take the Eagles out, I can't do it. Go Eagles!

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