Sunday, January 8, 2012

Giants: Falcons - final thoughts

Good weather forecast for tomorrow - mid 40's, sunny, winds around 10 mph. Everyone has been saying that a bad weather game helps the Giants because the Falcons are a dome team and aren't used to playing outdoors. However, we forget that the Giants are the worst running team in the league, while the Falcons run the ball well and that's what you rely on when the weather turns bad. Good weather favors the Giants passing game. A little wind might help the Giants, because Eli is used to throwing in those Meadowlands gusts, while Ryan may not be.

The news that Tuck missed a day pf practice because of his shoulder is clearly the worst news of the week for the Giants. The revival of the Giants pass rush and their better run defense in the last two games is not partly related to Tucks return. It is entirely related to his return. We forget that he is a great player. A GREAT player. He plays the run well and can really get after the passer. Having two powerful DEs on opposite sides of the line is more than twice as good as having one. OL can't double one side, or chip one side or slide their protection to one side without exposing the other.

Giants don't need to stop Michael Turner cold, like everyone seems to be saying. They need to keep him under control so he doesn't run wild and dominate the game. Otherwise, this is still a passing league and they need to rush the passer and keep Falcons passing offense contained.

Having three healthy WRs, which the Giants apparently will, is a big aspect of this game.

Giants have been running a little better last few games. Maybe Baas coming back healthy from his neck problems and whatever else was ailing him may be the reason for the improvement.

It would be a big benefit for the Giants to get off to a quick start and make the Falcons play from behind.

Lions lost tonight to the Saints, which means that tomorrow is the last game this year at Met Life Stadium, win or lose.

I know the Giants don't want to throw Amukamara back in the game, but he should get some time to acclimate himself to playoff games. What if someone gets hurt and they need him?

Boley and Kiwanuka are key players tomorrow because of Falcons running game. Kiwanuka is really improving at LB. Jacquian Williams may see a lot of playing time as the nickel LB and face off against Gonazalez.

If Falcons play a lot of zone, Giants passing offense needs to be more methodical and may not get the big plays that they have been recently. Eli can't get impatient and has to take what the defense gives him.

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