Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Giants: Fewell

Take a look at this article about Fewell on NJ.COM

Sources say that Fewell has been given a contract extension and will be Giants DC for two more years. I don't understand this move. I accept the fact that the Giants defense has played a little better the last two games, but they have had an entire season, in fact two seasons under Fewell of play that ranged from mediocre to poor. We all know that the Giants had a lot of defensive injuries this year, and I can certainly excuse them not being a top 5 defense in the league. But it is also certainly true that they underachieved based on their talent - they are definitely better than the lowest ranked defense and should have done more.

The interesting thing is that if the Giants add some defensive talent in next year's draft, they could have a powerful defense that even Fewell can't screw up. My thoughts around this are that: JPP will continue to excel and will be a dominant force in the league; Tuck will be over his current year injuries and, if he is healthy for the entire year will form the most formidable DE pair in the league; the young LBs that got experience this year will be strong contributors next year: Williams, Jones and Herzlich; but perhaps most of all, the DB-field will have a recovered Amukamara and the DL will have this year's 2nd rounder DL Austin to contribute. Too early to think about next year when we still have a playoff game in front of us. But I am simply puzzled, though not entirely surprised by this move, especially when Spagnuolo is available on the market.

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wolfman said...

Correction: Fewell did not sign an extension just now as was implied in the NJ.COM source and as I interpreted. Rather, he signed a two year extension last year, after the 2010 season. Consequently he has 1 year left; his contract runs through the 2012 season.

Still not ideal for nabbing Spags, but not as bad as I thought.