Friday, January 20, 2012

Giants: Wow those analysts on NFL Network are really SMART !!!

Just got finished watching a segment on the Total Access show on NFL Network with Brian Billick and Moose Johnston. In case you missed it, I just had to summarize it here for your benefit, because they gave tremendous insight into the upcoming NFC championship game between the Giants and 49ers. The question placed before them by the brilliant host was: will Eli Manning have a big passing game against the 49ers defense. Moose Johnston explained that he might have a good game even though his receivers haven't been together that long. By comparison, the Saints receivers have been together with Brees for more games than Eli has been together with his receivers. (He gave the statistics - I think it was 384 games versus 127 games.) So - even though the Saints threw for over 400 yards last week against the 49ers, the Giants might not because Brees is really great. Also, the ever insightful Moose added, don't forget that the Saints turned the ball over to the 9ers in the passing game several times. So, in conclusion, Moose said, Eli might not have as big a game as Brees because the Saints are the best passing offense in the league and the Giants are not. Then, Moose added, even if Eli has a big passing game, he can't turn the ball over. Brilliant analysis.

I was waiting with bated breath to hear what Billick might say. I couldn't imagine what this X-es and O-s master, former Super Bowl winning Head Coach might add to the well considered thoughts of Moose Johnston. (People named "Moose" are generally considered to be smart, right?) He gazed into the camera with a serious, steely look. His eye level slightly above the center of the camera and his chin slightly raised, therefore seemed like he was looking down at his audience with some condescension. Billick said Giants can throw the ball down the field but they should not turn the ball over. He added with self assured certainty, that Eli turned the ball over in the past, that he needs to try to throw the ball, but needs to protect it and be careful with turnovers.

Fortunately, I had my DVR going and recorded this segment. I made a DVD of it and Fed-Exed it directly to Gilbride and Coughlin at the Timex Performance Center in East Ruthreford NJ. I hope it gets there before they leave to San Francisco, so they can review this inside information. But my fear is that even if it gets there early Saturday morning, they will have already installed their offensive game plan and it will be too late to change. Woe is me. I hope they didn't put in the game plan for Eli to throw a lot of interceptions, because that would probably be bad for the team.

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