Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jets game

It's officially time to start worrying, though panic is too strong a word to use at this point. The offense looked bad, but let's take a breath - there's nothing that makes an offense look worse than poor OL play. And there's nothing that makes an OL look worse than when the C is absolutely overwhelmed by the DT, especially when it is a 3-4 defense and there are other guys coming from all over the place. Cordle was overwhelmed on Saturday night against the Jets and it made Eli look terrible. Never thought I would be hoping and praying for Diehl and Baas to come back. Neither is great, but they are decent players who can solidify things in the middle.

Cordle may have played himself off the team. He was kept around simply because he was backup C and in his first sustained action, he showed that he cannot handle it. I would move Boothe back to C and find a replacement to backfill for Boothe at G. Maybe Brewer finally gets a chance or Moesely, but I would move Boothe back in until Baas returns. Who knows - maybe Boothe/Diehl at C/G is a better combination than Baas/Boothe at C/G and Giants find yet another OL combination that works.

The good news from the Jets game was that Pugh looked really good especially in the passing game.

Jernigan showed some talent, but he still drops too many and runs routes that give Eli no angle to get him the ball.

Defense looked very good against the Jets, but I'm not celebrating because the Jets offense is pretty weak, especially with a rookie QB getting his first action against decent competition. Nevertheless, the good news is that Tuck looked strong and spry. Terrell Thomas looked very good. Amukamara continues to look great and appears to be ready for a breakout season as a top CB.

Marvin Austin finally broke out of his shell, showed off his atheticism and looked dominant in his time in the game. To be sure, he was playing against the 2s and 3s on the Jets. The Jets starting OL is decent (though a bit overrated IMO), but their backup OL-men are weak. Nevertheless, he did show off his great quickness and strength and may have beaten out Rogers with his performance, assuming Giants carry only 5 DTs.

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