Monday, August 26, 2013


My first guess at the roster makeup:

DE (4) - JPP, Tuck, Kiwanuka, Moore
Tracy and Ojomo are good players, but they don't make the cut. Tratttou has been impressive and I would like to see him make the team, but the numbers are tough. The fact that DT Jenkins can play some DE makes the number of DEs 4.

DT (5) - Jenkins, Joseph, Hankins, Austin, Patterson
It's a close call between Patterson and Rogers and it could go either way. Rogers is bigger and the Giants are going for improved bulky run stoppers in the middle. But Patterson looks very solid in the middle also and is a little quicker. Rogers is older, is less likely to be signed by another team and therefore is more likely to be available if the Giants need an emergency injury replacement in mid year.

LB (6) - Paysinger, Herzlich, Rivers, Williams, Connor, Bosworth
They all look athletic and quick to me. Giants look like they are going with huge powerful DL-men backed up by smallish, quick LBs. Herzlich has to play better, because I think Connor showed a little more in first preseason game, though he was playing against the subs.

CB (5) - Webster, Amukamara, Ross, Hosley, Thomas
Some young fast players get cut - James, Frederick even McBride has looked decent. Maybe somebody beats out Terrell Thomas. UPDATE: Terrell Thomas looked strong in his one outing against the Jets.

S (4) -  Rolle, Mundy, Taylor, Sash (or pickup from another team's cuts instead of Sash)
What happens when Hill comes back from his suspension is a mystery. Tyler Sash has played well in camp but the other guys at the position are simply more athletic. The injury to Rolle makes it more likely that they carry an extra S. Injury to Brown opens the door for Tyler Sash

Defense: 24

QB (3) - Eli, Painter, Nassib
I think Painter beats out Carr. He's younger (and cheaper) and could be backup next year also. Extra QB on the roster is going to cost some other unit a roster spot.

RB (3) - Wilson, Brown, Cox
Maybe they add a 4th RB who gets cut off someone else's roster, but for now I think they should go with 3. RBs are always available to add in emergency from "the street". Scott is probably gone and Tourain is a remote possibility.

WR (6) - Nicks, Randle, Cruz, Murphy, Jernigan, Talley
Barden just hasn't shown enough and is injured.  Five is a little light for the position, but they may carry extra TE instead.

TE/FB (5) Myers, Robinson, Pascoe, Donnell, Hynoski
Hynoski start the year on PUP. When he is ready to return, Giants have to make a decision on Donnell vs. Barden. D'Imperio has been solid in camp; too bad he retired

OL (9) - Beatty Boothe, Baas, Snee, Diehl, Pugh, Brewer, Moesly, Cordle
Capers, McCants and new draftee Herman have some ability but there's no room. Herman makes it to the practice squad. McCants hurt his chances to make it as backup C over Cordle with the snap over Nassib's head in Steelers preseason game. Maybe he beats him out anyway, because Boothe could be backup C also. Cordle looked awful aginst Jets.

Offense: 26

K / P / LS (3) - Brown, Weatherford, DeOssie

Special: 3

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