Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trade Suggestion

If you listen ever to sports talk radio, you'll find that the most annoying, ridiculous calls are the loonies that call up with a trade proposal. It happens more in baseball than other sports for some reason, but you gotta love it when Joe from Queens calls up and suggests that the Yankees trade Brett Gardner to the Tigers For Miguel Cabrera, because the Tigers lack speed in their lineup.

Having said that, I am going to propose a more serious (and more general) trade for the Giants that could really help them out. Thanks to my brother for coming up with this idea, but I think it really makes sense.  Right now the Giants have an abundance of talent on the DL and will surely be cutting someone that is good enough to make another team's NFL roster. Specifically at DT, Giants have 6 good players: Joseph, Jenkins, Patterson, Austin, Rogers and Hankins. That is too crowded a field and Giants will (at most) carry 5 DTs. Instead of cutting one of them at the end of camp and just giving him away for nothing, why not trade one of them for a solid backup OL-man somewhere that is excess baggage for another team. Giants will not get more than a backup, because other teams know that Giants have a number crunch and will be releasing someone. If another team has their eye on one of Giants DTs, instead of giving up real talent for one of them, they can just wait until they get cut and sign them them, so they won't give up a starter. The only slim advantage for making the trade is that the team will then have to take the player that Giants choose to cut and not one that they may like more. So Giants can offer a trade for any one of the 3 DTs competing for last 2 spots and get something in return.

Giants did the same thing with RB Ryan Grant a few years ago, trading him at the end of training camp to the Packers for a low (7th round I think) draft pick, because Giants had lots of RBs on the team ahead of him. Worked out well for both teams - Grant had a few good years for Green bay and Giants got an extra draft pick. This time instead of a draft pick, maybe Giants get a decent backup player that fills the roster elsewhere.

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