Thursday, August 29, 2013

Preseason over

I said in my pregame post that all it took was one play and one injury to really affect the season. I am sorry that I was prescient, because Andre Brown's broken leg is a real killer. I can't really blame this on the coaches because it had nothing to do with Brown playing with the substitutes as the Jets did with Sanchez last week. But, it was unfortunate, maybe stupid,  that he was playing at all. Giants wanted to get a look at the other RBs, so why wasn't Scott, Turain or Cox playing after that first quarter. Water under the bridge now. I wonder if the Giants give Brandon Jacobs a tryout. I think they don't want to go there, but they may search for an inside, short yardage RB from the other teams cuts.

I was not that impressed with the first team offense despite everyone's feel good impression about finally getting into the end zone. If the Giants were a really good offense they would have ripped through the second string Patriots defense easily, not just once in three possessions.

I also remain unimpressed with TE Myers. He just doesn't show much - average speed, average size, though he does seem to be holding onto the ball now.

The problems on the OL continue for the second stringers. After the starters came out of the game, the second units were absolutely pounded by the Patriots, not a god sign. The good news is that the T position manned by Beatty and Pugh seems strong. Pugh looked excellent. Being optimistic, I guess we can be hopeful that when Baas and Diehl come back the OL will be OK. But we are so paper thin that a few injuries could really derail things. You can bet that the game plan for the Cowboys on defense will be to load up in the middle and attack the interior of the Giants OL. They like to hit Eli up the middle anyway and the weakness that Giants displayed there in the preseason will give them more incentive to do that. In the Giants favor is the fact that the Cowboys are switching from 3-4 to 4-3 and their excellent NT Ratliff is out.

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