Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bradshaw - broken bone in his foot

The Newark Star Ledger reported that NYG RB Bradshaw has a broken bone in his foot. It is unclear whether he needs surgery and how long he will be out. Presumably, if he needs surgery and another screw put in his foot, he will be out for the season. If not, it may heal and he could be back in a few weeks. When Bradshaw hurt his foot on Sunday, he went in for X-rays and they did not see a break; they thought the old screw was aggravating and irritating his foot. That probably means that it is not a bad break and is just a crack in the bone, rather than a fully displaced fracture, which requires more time to heal.

UPDATE AS OF 8:30PM EDT: Latest rumor is that this is a stress fracture, easiest break to deal with, depending on its location, of course. There is a remote chance that Bradshaw may even play this Sunday against the Patriots. 

I guess we will finally get a look at Da'rel Scott as the third back in the rotation. Brandon Jacobs will move up to be the starter, DJ Ware will get some carries, but perhaps Scott will see the field also. The biggest worry about putting a new RB in the game is not about carrying the ball, it is about blitz pickups. You don't want to get your QB killed.

In other injury news - Nicks and Baas were at practice, riding a stationary bike, which is better than non-participatory, which is what they were on Wednesday. Umenyiora and Hynoski practiced fully.

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