Saturday, November 19, 2011

Giants-Eagles: Injury update

Eagles: Vick out. Maclin out.

Giants: Bradshaw out. Boley 99% out.

Looks like Amukamara will make his long awaited debut tomorrow. Also looks like Herzlich has moved up the LB depth chart and will get some playing time on defense, not just on ST.Giants remain high and hopeful on their rookie LBs, Greg Jones and Jacquian Williams but they have made mistakes that have cost the Giants big time. The thing they like about Herzlich is that he has a high football IQ and doesn't make repeat mistakes. The only quesstion is if he has recovered his game day speed and power. He has played well on ST, which is all about speed, so let's see what he can do taking snaps on defense.

With Maclin out, Steve Smith will probably move up the depth chart and get more playing time than he otherwise would have.

Expect to see a heavy dose of McCoy running the ball. But with Boley out, Giants will probably show a lot of their 3-S look with Phillips, Rolle and Grant. That has been vulnerable to a power running game, so we'll see how they do tomorrow. Like I've been saying, Giants need a big game from their DL to stop Eagles offense, which still has to be considered dangerous.

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