Friday, November 4, 2011


I know the Giants try to have a "next man up" mentality; that an injury just creates an opportunity for the second stringer to step up and produce. But it is obvious that the starter is the starter and the second stringer is a second stronger for a reason. The starter is better. You can lose a player here and a player there and survive, but when the injuries happen to the star players, not just average run-of-the-mill starters that can be more easily replaced, it has to hurt the team.

Giants lost Thomas and Goff in the preseason, neither one a star, but Thomas perhaps on the verge of becoming one. They've lost a bunch of talented substitute CBs and their first round draft choice has not stepped on the field yet. They've lost Hixon at WR, Tuck for a few games, Baas for a few games and managed to survive. But now, if they lose their two best offensive players (besides the QB) it's hard to imagine that they can be as productive offensively as they otherwise would be. You have to believe that the Patriots will put up a fair number of points and the Giants will need to score a bunch to keep pace with them. Without Nicks, when they go to a 3 or 4 WR set, the options are a bit more limited. Cruz will be promoted to a starting position and I guess Jernigan and Barden will have to step in and make some plays. Perhaps Beckum gets more into the offensive passing game, but it does look a little bleak for the Giants. I still would not rush Nicks back if he's not ready and risk an extended absence because of a tear.

That said, Jacobs is capable of having a big game and if the Giants best play makers, Nicks and Bradshaw are missing, this might be a week to play Da'rel Scott, inject his speed into the lineup and see if he can make a play .

Do Giants have TO's number?

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