Friday, November 18, 2011

Giants - Eagles: Injuries and strategy

While the Giants beat the Eagles in the first game on the road, and the Eagles are now beat up, missing their dangerous (sic) QB Michael Vick, you still have to be concerned about this game.

1. McCoy is the best RB in football and without their starting QB, you would expect the Eagles to give the Giants a heavy dose of running. While Giants did well last week stopping Gore, McCoy will be more successful and Giants are near the bottom of the league in run defense.
2. With Young (probably) getting his first start, Reid will not put too much on his plate and will attack the Giants with safe, sure, short passes and easy reads. The Eagles have the personnel to do this with TE Celek and with Avant, who is replacing injured Maclin and is good in that role. Giants LBs are weakened with Boley out and 49ers were successful attacking the middle of the field last week.
3. Giants have been vulnerable last several weeks to running QBs. Matt Moore and Alex Smith both had success against the Giants running. Vince Young is an excellent runner and could hurt the Giants defense with his legs.
4. While the Giants did win the first match up, it was, if you recall, largely on the strength of a few goal line stops and one 4th and 1 stop near midfield. Aside form those defensive plays, the Eagles moved the ball very well against the Giants defense.
5. Eagles are getting their S back from injury who was out for a while and it could shore up the middle of their defense.
6. Eagles have been playing more man-to-man lately and are getting away from so much zone. This new man-to-man preference plays to the strength of their CBs. Eli has to watch out for Samuel, who seems to read him well and has intercepted him a few times.
7. Suddenly, the Giants injury list, which had been shrinking, has gotten longer again. Tuck and LT Beatty are having some injury difficulties and this could be a problem. Giants have an advantage against the Eagles at the line of scrimmage and these injuries could minimize the edge.

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