Monday, November 14, 2011

Giants - 49ers review II

Giants defense just has to get better. The 49ers have an average offense with an average QB and they made Alex Smith look like Joe Montana. Well, maybe not that good, but they didn't dominate him. The Giants young LBs are talented, athletic and fast. But they're, well, young. They are inexperienced and get caught out of position a lot. Think back to how many pass plays from the 49ers were crossing routes over the middle, apparently attempting to exploit the Giants LBs. When Boley went out, Giants defense suffered. I can't blame them - that would be now the second starting LB out of the game, including Goff who is gone for the season.

49ers looked better organized than the Giants; more sharply coached and focused. Coughlin, and all coaches, talk about turnovers as the keys to the game. Throw in the onside kick recovery as what could be considered a turnover as well. A turnover reverses possession and field position. That is exactly what the on side kick recovery did. Despite Coughlin's going ballistic on the sidelines after the recovery, I blame that play on the coaches. You can't just say afterwards - we told them to watch out for that, or we practiced that during the week, you have to recognize when it might come and really prepare your team for it.

I can't let a post go from this game without commenting, yet again at how well Eli is throwing the ball. His first INT was underthrown, but very few other balls were off target and every game he makes 3 or 4 throws that make you sit there, stare at the TV and just say "wow". This game, there was the 4th and 6 to Manningham, the TD to Nicks, another out pattern to Manningham, and the TD to Manningham. They were just perfect throws that only the very best QBs in the league could make. So many other of the Giants completions came when the Giants WRs had just a hair width of separation and Eli threw into a narrow window to make the connection.

Even though there are some good things to take from this game, it was really a bad loss because of the schedule the Giants have remaining. Cowboys have a cakewalk of a schedule the rest of the way. Next three weeks they get Redskins, Dolphins and Cardinals, while the Giants get the Eagles, Packers and Saints. Giants could easily go 1-2 over those 3 games and in worst case lose all 3. (Eagles are wounded, but they still have some big time play makers.) Cowboys, the way they are playing will certainly sweep. So when the Giants have a chance to win a game, they have  to close the deal.

I am still ticked off at the draw play call to DJ Ware at the end of the game. It's not that the play never works, it's just that Manning was hot and I'd rather give him 2 chances to win the game than just 1. It's all about probability.

Brandon Jacobs looks really slow and lumbering. When he gets running down hill, he's fine. It's just that it takes him too long to get it in gear. I would be giving DJ Ware more carries, especially until Bradshaw gets back.

I keep saying the Giants defense has the ingredients, the raw personnel to be a really strong defense. I say that, but here we are staring at week 11 and we still haven't seen a shut down defensive performance. Webster is having a really good season at CB. I still want to see Prince Amukamara on the field. Coughlin may have to relent and activate him this week because of the potential injury to Aaron Ross.

On to play Philadelphia

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